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Our support consist of issue you may have trying to dial into to the modems or connection issues.

Common Dial up errors:

680 - No Dial tone

  1. Check the phone line you need a straight phone line.
    1. The dial up modems will not work over VOIP
      1. Plug a phone into the wall.
  1. Check the phone cord from the computer to the wall.
    1. Plug the phone you just tested the Jack with into the cord and then the cord into the wall jack.
  2. Make sure the Phone cord is plugged into the correct outlet in the modem.

If all of these check out then time to check the modem itself: http://www.modemsite.com/56k/duns680.asp

678 - There is no answer.
679 -
Cannot detect carrier.

A.  You are either dialing the wrong number or Your modem is unable to handshake with remote modem before allotted time.

  1. Use modem's speaker to listen to connection attempt: Make sure it dials, and make sure you hear remote modem answer tones.

  2. Dial number with the computer in the path, dial the number using your phone and listen  to check that you hear remote modem answer tones.

  3. Make sure correct phone # is dialed with DUNS - examine Modemlog. (If # dialed is not displayed, adding E1 to extra settings may help. Note also, you may have your telephony/connection settings such that long-distance digit is unintentionally being added to your phone number.)

B.  If you hear your modem handshake, and 678 error appears at same time handshake sound ends, you may need to disable 56k or increase the 'Cancel Call if not connected' time in ControlPanel-> Modems-> Properties-> Connection 

C. Do you hear back round static on the line when you make a call? If so have your phone company test the line.  

If all this checks out then please let use know so we can check our equipment:

676 - The line is busy. 

All versions of Windows - This error can occur if: 

  • You may are dialing the wrong number.

  • You have voice-mail or other custom calling feature that produces a stutter dial-tone.

  • You haven't specified the proper country settings for your modem and the number you are dialing, or your modem doesn't support the country you are in.

If you include the disable call waiting code in your dialing, and your phone line does not support call waiting; or, if you have call waiting, but your phone company doesn't support the disable call waiting code. 

If all this checks out then please let use know so we can check our equipment

For More Common windows Errors;  http://www.modemsite.com/56k/dunserror.asp


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