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    Important Announcement!! : FREE dial up Internet Service in California!

We know that dialup Internet access is an old technology, but for those that still cannot get high speed access, or simply cannot afford it we offer a free dial up Internet connection that is available with a local call from nearly everywhere in California!

With FREE DIAL UP GUYS there are no limits, no restrictions, and no charges! This is an all-the-time Internet access that you can use at home, on the road, or as a back up to your regular connection! And it is completely 100% FREE!!!(Always check with your phone provider to insure that the dial in number provided is local and you will not incur any local toll charges).

We are a collections of Companies that believes that everyone should have access to the Internet. Enjoy this free service, we ask that you use this service for legal activities only! (see Terms of Service)

This service is Ala Carte Dial up, meaning you will need your own web based email address from providers Google, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.... 

Our Support link at the top of this page will lead you to all the technical resources that you may need to get online.

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